9 Magical Benefits of Ginger You Should Know

Ginger is well known in every household even it was used in ancient times due to its medicinal properties. Ginger is used as a remedy for sore and cold throat and also used for cooking, tea, and decoction.

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals properties it is widely used because of abundance of benefits ginger contains. Ginger is basically from the Zingiberaceae family that’s mainly originates from Southeast Asia. the rhizome (rootstocks) is a stem situated underground the soil used for consumption. Ginger tea is very popular all over the world, especially in India.          

Ginger has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties. Here are 9 benefits of ginger:

1. Treat Nausea

Nausea is stomach discomfort and therefore the sensation of wanting to vomit. Ginger provides relief in nausea and headache effectively. There are some studies conducted on the effect of ginger, one studies conducted on the group of people including children and young who are going for chemotherapy procedure given ginger supplements, it is found that whom ginger supplements are given their nausea reduced. and another study conducted on some pregnant women, it is found that those who took the ginger their nausea is reduced. the dosage given to them is 1.1 to 1.5 grams. so if you take ginger in fresh, dried, powder, or oil form it reduces the symptoms of nausea.
2. Helps in Cold and Sore Throat

From ancient times ginger is used to treat cold and sore throat, It is a very beneficial and tried and tested formula from Vedic periods. I personally use this formula whenever I suffered from a cold, Ginger water is the best and it gives relief in cold or we can drink Ginger tea with honey, which is also very beneficial. 
How to make ginger water? 
To make ginger water put some water in the pan or in tea kettle put it on low flame and add some crushed ginger in boiling water, let it boil till 1/3rd water remains in the pan then stir it and drink it.
How to make ginger tea?
To make ginger tea put some water in the pan or in tea kettle put it on low flame and add some crushed ginger and tulsi leaves in boiling water, let it boil till 1/3rd water remains in the pan then stir in a cup and add one teaspoon of honey and drink it.
3.Recover Appetite
Ginger helps to recover appetite, chewing some ginger with black salt and lemon or take ginger juice and mix honey and eat 2 or 3 times in a day it will help you to get your lost appetite. If you have a loss of appetite you should try this remedy to get the best result. It is easy to use and you will get all ingredients at home.
4.Weight loss

Obesity is the biggest problem all over the world, obesity rate increases day by day, the top 5 countries are Island countries that are suffering from obesity,  U.S. adult obesity rate is 42.5%. A High blood sugar level can impel hunger and lead to overeating. Ginger water with lemon controls the sugar levels, afterward controls the craving to eat. It improves the fat absorption ability of the body which helps in reducing weight loss.
5.Improves Hair and Skin

Ginger has antioxidant and vitamin properties, due to these properties it adds a natural glow to the skin, and the presence of Vitamin A and Vitamin C improves the hair’s health and texture. if apply Ginger Juice with coconut oil alternate days may promote new hair growth and hair thickness.
6. Reduce Diabetes 
The Ginger is rich in zinc which plays a big role in the secretion of insulin. Drinking ginger lemon water reduces the risk of kidney and reduces the effect of diabetes.
7. Helps Muscle Recovery

When we exercise our muscles do a lot of work and get tired. there are so many ways to accelerate muscle recuperation, but one way is to drink ginger water after a workout.
8.Reduce Menstrual Pain
Ginger powder (saunth) is helping to reduce menstrual cramps (dysmenorrhea). Ginger is one of the ancient herbs to reduce menstrual pain, you can drink ginger tea to get relief from menstrual pain.

9.Helps in Saliva Production
Ginger helps in the production of saliva, just chew the ginger when you feel dryness in the mouth. Its very effective in the cancer patient, who is suffering from mouth dryness after radioactive therapy.

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