21 Benefits Of Black Nightshades (Makoy) Is Essential for Healthy Life. Read this to Find out How

Black Nightshade (Introduction)

Black nightshade (salonum nigrum) or in India it is also known as Makoy. Black nightshade easily grows in the form of weed everywhere that’s why people don’t know more about black nightshade benefits and don’t use it. In reality, black nightshade(Makoy) is a very useful herb. Black night (makoy) used to relieve respiratory-related disorders, increase urination, leprosy, and fever. In the treatment of kidney, inflammation, hemorrhoids, diarrhea, or many types of skin diseases, the consumption of black night (Makoy)is beneficial. 

Drinking decoction of panchang (stem, leaf, flower, root, and fruit) benefits in arthritis pain, swelling, cough, flatulence, indigestion, urinary disease. It is also beneficial in-ear pains, hiccups, colds, eye diseases, vomiting, and physical weakness. The stomach ulcer is cured by taking its leaves and fruits. Black nightshade seeds(Makoy seeds) are beneficial in delusional disorder, frequent thirst disorder, and skin diseases.
Research conduct by Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University found that Black nightshade has compounds that can be used in Covid 19 Treatment.

What is Black Nightshade (Makoy)?

Black Nightshade plant found everywhere. Black nightshade leaves are like red chili leaves and are in green color. Its flower is small in size and white in color. its fruits are about 5 to 8 mm in diameter. Flowers and fruits can be seen throughout the year. The fruits are green in color when raw they turned into red, yellow, or purple-black in color and juicy when ripened. Its seeds are many small smooth like tomatoes seeds.
Black nightshade plant is beneficial in getting rid of Vata, Pitta, Kapha (Tridosha) It is smooth and slightly warm in nature. According to Ayurveda, Vata -Pitta, and Kapha are the three qualities in our body. when any of these three qualities are lacking or excess then we fall ill. If a limited amount of Black nightshade is consumed on regular basis, then immunity becomes stronger.

Benefits of Black Nightshade Or Makoy Benefits

1. Hair Problem 
Are you suffering from a grey hair problem?  You can rid of this problem by applying  1-2 drops of oil prepared from makoy seeds in the nose, hairs start to darken and in some days grey hair turned black.
2.  Fighting Jaundice
Black nightshade helps in fighting jaundice by just giving 2 to 5 gm turmeric powder in 20 to 30 mg Black nightshade decoction.
3. Kidney Disorder
Drinking 10 to 15 mg of black nightshade(makoy) ark daily provides relief in kidney inflammation, kidney pain, etc.
4.Heart Diseases

Take out black nightshades leaves, fruit, and stem remainings( the remaining material below by heating and drying makoy in the water ). Giving 2 to 8 grams of this powder 2-3 times in a day is beneficial in heart diseases.
5. Spleen Disorder
The problem of enlargement of the spleen is cured by drinking rock salt and cumin in 20 to 30-milligram decoction of black nightshade
6. Liver Disorder
Regular drinking 10-15 milligrams of  Blacknightshade (makoy) panchang (root, stem, flower, fruit, and leaf) juice helps in treating liver enlargement problems. 
Take out the juice in an earthen pot, heat it so that the color of the juice changes from green to red or pink.
Boil it at night and let it cool use in the morning. it will be benefited from liver disorder.
7. Indigestion

Put 2 grams powder of pipal in a decoction of black nightshades. drinking in the morning and evening cures the problem of indigestion.
8. Stop Vomiting 
Mix 125 to 250-milligram suhaga in 10 to 15 ml juice of black nightshades fruit, drinking it stops vomiting.
9. Abdominal Diseases
Take out black nightshades leaves, fruit, and stem remainings( the remaining material below by heating and drying makoy in the water ). Take 2 to 8 grams of this quantity 2 to 3 times a day, it provides relief in the watery stomach (ascites diseases) disease.
10.Tuberculosis (T.B)
Eat ripe black nightshade fruit with honey, it is beneficial in T.B disease.
11. Fighting With Cough
Vegetable made from Black nightshade leaves is beneficial in cough. Take decoction (10-30 mg) of black nightshade flower and fruits, it provides relief in cough and swelling in the nose. It works by removing the phlegm in the nostrils of patients suffering from cold.
12. Infant Dental Problem
Add an equal amount of ghee or oil to the juice of black nightshades leaves, rubbing it on the gums brings out children’s teeth without pain.
13. Mouth Ulcer
Chewing  5-6 leaves of Black nightshades(makoy) helps to cure the problem of mouth blister.
14. Relief From Pain
Heat the juice of Black nightshades leaves, putting 2 drops of this in the ear is beneficial for nasal and ear-related diseases.
15. Cure Eye Problem
Mix ghee with Black nightshade fruit. Giving it to patient pill(eyes to shine). this kills the worm and gets rid of the pill.

16. Cure Eczema
Make a paste of Black nightshade leaf, Shirish flower, and sambhu leaf. Mixing some ghee in it and applying it provides relief in eczema.
17. Useful in Psoriasis Treatment
Apply the juice of Black nightshade leaf as a paste. It is beneficial in psoriasis, ringworm, scabies, and wounds caused by bacteria. Applying a paste of black nightshade green fruit provides relief in ringworm.
Red rashes are cured by giving a small amount of makoy ark. If you are suffering from a rash problem for a long time then try this remedy. Grind dry ginger(saunth) in Black nightshade (Makoy) juice and apply it as a paste on red rashes.
18.Wound Healing
Make a paste with Black nightshades leaves, betel leaves, and turmeric, applying this paste is beneficial in chronic wounds, injury wounds, inflammation of the pores, pus wounds, shingles, herpes, anthrax, etc.
Applying a paste of Black nightshade panchang is beneficial in swelling wounds
19. Insomnia

Mixing some jaggery in 10-20 ml decoction made from the Black nightshade root (kakamachi or mokoy) provides relief in insomnia.
20. Skin Diseases
Eating Black nightshade is beneficial in skin disease because Black nightshade has the property of hemorrhagic which helps to reduce the symptoms of skin disease by purifying the blood.
21.Useful in Urinary Bladder And Kidney Diseases
The use of  Black nightshade (Makoy) is beneficial in reducing inflammation of the bladder and kidneys because according to research it has properties of diuretic which helps in reducing inflammation.

How much we should consume  Black nightshade (Makoy)?

  • Fruit Juice  5 to 10 milligram
  • Fruit powder 1 to 3 gram
  • Decoction (Kadha) 10 to 30 milligram

For more benefits consult the doctor.

How to Use Black nightshade?

We can use panchang which includes:
  1. Flower
  2. Leaf
  3. Stem
  4. Fruit
  5. Root

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