Powerful Benefits Of Parijaat (Night jasmine) For Good Health

Parijaat (Night Jasmine)

Parijaat tree which is also known as harisringar or night jasmine is native to India and is widely available in everyone’s gardens it is known for the aromatic flower with white flower and orange stem, which mainly blooming in the night and shed off in the morning. Its flower blooms hardly 2 to 3 months around October to December.

    Parijaat leaves with a flower

    Benifits of Harisringar

    Hrisringar (Parijaat) leaves are very beneficial and can cure many chronic diseases, about which we are going to talk:-

    1. Treats Fever

    Night jasmine or parijat is very beneficial in treating fever or malaria fever, chikungunya fever the leaf of this tree helpful in reducing the temperature of fever.

    2. Treats Arthritis

    Night Jasmine is very useful in treating Arthritis it reduces the pain. take its leaves, flower, bark. If the bark is not available take its small branch and cut it into small pieces. all ingredients should be around 5gm(flower 1or 2, leaf, bark or branches) put in water and boil it when half water is remained drink it like a tea in morning and evening.

    3. Treats Sciatica

    Night jasmine is working very effectively in sciatica( pain which mainly starts from the lower back to leg) by drinking leaf decoction (kadha) you get relief from sciatica pain. In Ayurveda sciatica is known as katisnaayushool, gridhrasi, and pruthusnaayushool is caused due to aggravated Vata dose and sometimes Kapha and Vata both are responsible for sciatica. The nature of parijaat is a ushna (hot) that helps in the restoration of the Vata.

    4. Pain and  Inflammation

    If you suffering from pain and inflammation anywhere in your body, you should take a leaf and make kadha from it and drink it you will get relief from it.

    5. Antibacterial, Antivirus, and Anti-allergic

    Night jasmine or harisringar has very powerful antibacterial, antivirus, and anti-allergic properties, it cures different types of skin infection, allergies, and rashes.

    6. Stomach worms

    If your child has a stomach worm then night jasmine leaf is good for them, take a two-tablespoon of night jasmine leaf juice and add some misri in it give it to them regularly. In some days all worms died and flash out.

    Method of taking

    Add some leaf as your requirement and put in water and boil it on the low flame when 1/3 remained, it ready for a drink.

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