Magical Fruit Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Makes You Younger

 Amla which is also known as Indian gooseberry is mainly found in India and their neighboring countries. In the Ancient Ayurveda scriptures, it is known as “magical fruit”, which contains an abundance of vitamin C. There is a story associated with uses of amla (Indian gooseberry)  in the ancient scripture, A sages named Charak rishi who start consuming amla in his older age and he reversed the aging and become young again. He is well known for his contribution to Ayurveda his lots of work mentioned in a “Charak Samhita”. 

    Amala (Indian Gooseberry) Benefits

    This magical fruit helps to fight so many diseases, there are some tips are given on how we use amla (Indian gooseberry) fight to diseases.


    Take Amla powder and turmeric powder in equal ratio and eat after eating food helps in controlling diabetes.

    Hiccup and Vomiting

    In hiccup and vomiting take amla juice with misri (sulfur-free sugar) in a day two to three times


    If you suffering from jaundice, make amla and honey chutney (ketchup) and eat every morning and evening.

    Healthy Hair

    Are you want healthy and shining hair? Wash your hair with amla,ritha and shikakai powder you will get good results.


    If you suffering from memory loss, start taking two amla murabba (marmalade) with cow’s milk.


    A glass of freshwater, 25 gram dried amla, 25 gram finely ground jaggery mix it and take this mixture two times a day till 40 days it will benefit arthritis patient.


    Mix little camphor in amla juice and coat on gingiva (gum) it will relieve toothache.


    Are you Suffering from constipation? Drink a glass of cow’s milk with amla powder before going to bed, it gives relief in constipation.


    In leukorrhea (swet pradar) eating amla by mixing honey in it will be beneficial.


    If you look older then mix dried amla powder and sesame seed powder in the same proportion and take it with ghee or honey till 20 days it will benefit.


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