How To Take Care Your Body

In today’s world, it is a little difficult to follow a proper diet plan and exercise routine but if you follow  Ayurveda the chances of getting ill are very minimal. 

So How to take care of your body and what is the diet plan and routine that you have to follow to achieve health and wellness in your life?

Ayurveda is a boon for humankind given by sages they research a lot before writing about the golden words in the form of sutras and shlokas.

So what is the important point that you have to follow?

1. Wake up early 

How To Take Care Your Body

May this sound a little awkward for a night waker. But if anyone wakes up early in the morning, I mean to say in Brahma Murat it will not only boost your mind Power but also gives you extremely health benefits you will be more joyful and more energetic if you don’t have to believe in my words. Then experiment with it and feel the changes.

Actually in Brahmamuhrat, the atmosphere is fresh and negativity is less as divine energy is activated this time, Brahmamhurat starts from 3 a:m to 4 a:m.

2. Drink Warm Water

How To Take Care Your Body

The next step is to drink warm water and fresh up, it will help you to remove toxins from your body and keeps you energized the whole day, If you fresh well in the morning you already minimizes the chances of getting ill as Ayurveda suggests the main cause of any disease is your stomach. If you take care of your stomach you get rid of disease just by cleaning your stomach.

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3. Do meditation 

How To Take Care Your Body

The next step is meditation. As Swami Vivekananda once said by doing meditation a fool can become intelligent but they don’t meditate.

 If you see most of the successful people they do meditation as it helps to cut down anxiety and worries as you start meditating, maybe you feel little difficult to meditate as lot of thoughts and negative thoughts start coming but you don’t have to worry about that don’t bother just sit silently and focus on the thought let them come and go, one time came when you don’t have any thought and you have in a meditative state. In starting you can use music to focus on meditation, om chanting music are given below you can use it in starting.

So start today I am not saying that you will achieve mindfulness from day one. Meditation is a continuous process as much as you practice, you will get mastery. You can meditate any time but for better impact try Brahmamuhrat.

4. Pranayam

How To Take Care Your Body

These days Pranayam is most popular thanks to Baba Ramdev who makes it so much popular not only in India but abroad also. 

Maharishi Patanjali did their mastery in the Pranayam and he had well explained it in the Patanjali sutra. So our sages give us treasures in the form of sutras and Slokas in their book. 

Pranayam is like repairing your organs with the help of breathing exercises, it benefited a lot of people all over the world who are suffering from severe diseases. At least give it try and feel how your body responds.

Pranayam basically consists of breathing exercises and the exercise has numerous benefits.

5. Exercise

How To Take Care Your Body

Doing at least 15 minutes of asanas or stretching exercises will help you to make your body more flexible and active. Doing 14 sets of Surya Namaskar much beneficial, you should try it.

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6. Drink Ash Gourd Juice

How To Take Care Your Body

After 15 minutes of doing pranayam drink Ash Gourd juice. Ash Gourd juice is very beneficial and effective it is an alkane fruit that has more nutrients than coconut water, this fruit helps in cancer. 

Eat any other thing after one hour, so that juice completes its work. It is necessary for you to make a one-hour difference between juice and food as it takes one hour to fully absorb by the body

Ash gourd has a cooling effect, it easily cools down body heat and indigestion problems.

7. Massage 

How To Take Care Your Body

You can massage your whole body with sesame oil or mustard oil, as it greases your body and increases blood circulation.

Massage can balance your doshas. In Ayurveda, Panchakarma is the most popular technique to cure diseases by using a different type of herbal oil on your body it’s an old technique that was extensively used by sages and now it’s a part of the Ayurveda treatment system.

If you regularly or weekly do the full massage on your body it gives you excellent results. and on your vacations, you go for panchakarma to get a toxin-free body.

One more thing applies mustard, sesame, coconut oil, or cow’s ghee to your navel and gently massage it to give nourishment to your body. 

8. Eat Sprouts 

How To Take Care Your Body

Ayurveda suggests eating raw fruits, vegetables, and sprouts in the morning as it gives you most of the nutrients you required for your body as well energizes you. The next question is what should we have to take in the sprouts? you take any grams like moong dal, Chickpeas (Chana), wheat, peanuts, etc. shocked in the night and the next morning you can eat or wait for sprouts to come as sprouted chickpeas are more powerful than the normal chickpeas.

9. Before Having Food

How To Take Care Your Body
Before having food eat a full plate of salad (whatever is available in a season) by chewing it properly around 24 times but that doesn’t mean that you have to count it, No but you have to chew it in your mouth until it turns in liquid. It will fill your tummy so you will eat less food.
Make sure you eat your salad before one hour of eating food, so it gets time by the body to absorb all essential nutrients.

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10. Drink Water After One Hour 

How To Take Care Your Body
After Eating Food there should be one hour gap between food and water if you drink water immediately after eating food your digestion process is disturbed and it leads to indigestion.
 According to Vaagbhat rishi described in his book Ashtanghridayam that if you drink water immediately after eating food it will extinguish your Jathar Agni (fire which is responsible for digestion) which resulted in food start perishing in the stomach and start infected your body which converts in different types of diseases.
These are some steps that lead you towards a healthy and disease-free life.
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