Health Benefits of Tomato Which Increase Your Immunity And Makes You Healthy

A good source of vitamin C Tomato is a red fruit or berry of the plant it is from the nightshade family, a native of South America. Actually, tomato is a fruit but mostly it is categorized as a vegetable. tomato is mainly known for its antioxidant, lycopene, and other vitamins. As we know that tomato is easily available in every household. It has so many health benefits.

    Benefits Of Tomato

    Tomato is a good source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C which is good for the skin and increases immunity, vitamin K which is good for the heart and bone health, potassium important minerals for controlling blood pressure and maintaining the balance of acid in the body, folate (vitamin B9) is important for brain health.

    1. Nourishing the skin and hair 

    In today’s polluted environment our skin and hair are dried up, including tomatoes in our regular diet helps to fight wear and tear. We can include tomatoes in our diet in the form of salads, use them as a mask on the face, nourishes the skin, and vitamin A available in tomatoes takes care of hair.

    2. Anti-cancerous

    Lycopene available in tomatoes has controlled the growth of cancer cells. Actually, lycopene is mainly available in the peel of tomatoes, cooked tomatoes enhance intestinal absorption. According to the case-control studies conducted in Canada in 1999 and another study conducted in 2002, it is found that  regular intake of tomato or lycopene in any form, associated to decreases the risk of  prostate cancer

    3. Makes bone healthy

    Tomatoes are a good source of vitamin K and calcium as we know that calcium is good for bones health, 100gm of tomatoes contain 110mg calcium. so as long as we consume tomatoes our bones are healthier.

    4. Antioxidant 

    Tomatoes are a rich source of vitamin A and C, which gives them antioxidant properties it helps the body to rid of harmful substances in our body. Including raw tomatoes as a salad in a diet is good for health.

    5. Healthy heart

    Vitamin A, Vitamin B, and potassium available in tomatoes decrease the cholesterol level from blood and prevent heart-related troubles.

    6. Increase immunity

    Vitamin C is available in tomatoes increases the immunity system and controls stress hormones and energies in the body.

    7. Helps in  the digestion

    Tomatoes are rich in fiber which improves the digestive system and liver health.

    8. Diabetes

    You can normal your diabetes just by consuming tomatoes, tomato soup and you also take a glass of juice of tomatoes and cucumber and drink regularly according to some studies conducted on diabetic patients, shown that people with type 1 diabetes who consume a high fiber diet have low blood sugar level, whereas people with type 2 diabetes have insulin and blood sugar level improved. Cherry tomato (a cup ) provides 2 g of fiber.

    According to American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommendation:

    • A man should consume around 38 g of fiber per day.
    • Women should consume an estimated 25 g of fiber per day.

    9. Constipation

    Tomato is one of the laxative fruit. Fruit that is rich in fiber and water helps in normal bowel and keeps hydrated. Fiber helps decrease constipation. In piles also doctor advised eating foods that are rich in fiber.

    10. Eye-Sight

    Tomato is helpful in improving eye-sight and eye-related problems as it is a good source of lycopene, beta-carotene, and lutein. To improve your child’s eye-sight give them a plate of tomatoes with black pepper sprinkled on them. tomatoes are a rich antioxidant that helps in protecting the eye against the damage related to light, Age-related eye problems. 

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