Cleansing Your Liver Naturally: What are the Natural Remedy For Liver

The liver is the utmost important organ of the body which performs more biological functions such as filtering the blood coming from the digestive tract and distributing it to other parts of the body. The liver helps in absorbing the essential nutrients in the body and metabolizing the drugs and detoxifying the chemical.

The liver is your best friend but most people don’t care about it and fill their stomachs with unhealthy foods like fast food and sugary drinks etc. which increase the liver workload. But do you know that you can cleanse your liver naturally?

In Ayurveda scriptures, there are so many remedies for cleansing your liver naturally, but we are going to discuss only 3 remedies here, before going to discuss remedies first take a look at what should you have to avoid and what should you have to add to your diet.

What should you have to avoid?

Liver is very important organ of our body, it need our more attention but generally you never care about that and eat mostly all the junk food that you want without knowing how it impacts your liver? Lets try to reduce the toxic overload on your liver as much as possible and what should we have to Avoid:

1. Avoid Trans Fat

Trans Fats are generally created by turning liquid oil into solid fat this is also known as the hydrogenation process.

Trans fats are generally available in Fried, Processed food, and Packaged food. you can easily see the back of the packaged food in the ingredient section.

Try to avoid trans fat as it is not good for the body, it increased heart diseases and other health-related issues.

2. Sugary Drinks

Drinks which contain sugar in large quantities such as soft drinks like cola and so-called energy drinks are not good for your liver you should have to avoid these drinks for the health of the liver.

When you started over-consuming sugary drinks such as soda, cold drinks, tea, and coffee it will lead to  NAFLD (Non-Alcoholic Fatty liver disease) and other diseases like obesity, and diabetes. and cardiovascular diseases.

In The United States, It is the main cause of liver disease, which is not associated with alcohol consumption.  

3. Medication

Sometimes people have on medication for any specific disease, and they countered with a high dose of medication to treat that disease but a high dose can adversely affect the liver.

Even if you taking vitamin supplements medicine your liver is not designed to absorb artificial synthetic vitamins properly which may lead to an adverse effect on your liver health.

Instead, You can opt for a natural source of vitamins, which your liver absorbs properly.

4. Alcohol 

Every time you drink alcohol your liver filter the alcohol, during the filtration some of the liver cells die but the liver has the ability to regenerate the cells but if you drink too much alcohol its ability to regenerate cells get affected.

You have to avoid all those food and drinks that affect your liver health. And take that food and drinks which natural and good for the liver.

Natural Liver cleansers Remedy

Ayurveda suggests the Three best Natural Liver cleansers Remedy`

1. Sugarcane 

Sugar cane juice is loaded with calcium phosphorus and antioxidants. In Ayurveda, Sugarcane juice is treated as super medicine for the liver and very effective for jaundice.

Antioxidants available in sugarcane juice strengthen the liver and protect it from infection and maintain the bilirubin levels in control. 

Sugarcane juice fulfills the body with nutrients and lost protein, which is required to heal from any type of ailment, swiftly.

2. Bhringrajsava 

If you are suffering from liver problems and your liver gets weaker due to unhealthy eating habits and other diseases, you can try bhringrajsava. It is available in the market. you can find this remedy in any Ayurveda medicine shop different companies offer this remedy with the name of Bhringrajsava.

It contains a different kinds of herbs such as 

Bay leaves

All ingredients have a different role that is good for your overall body.

Generally, Bhringrajsava is used to treat the common cold. cough, hair loss, weakness, indigestion, liver disease, loss of appetite, bronchitis.

3. Kutki Powder

Kutki is the best detoxifying or liver degenerating herb. Kutki herb has immense healing properties, It is bitter in taste but good for liver and kidney health.

According to Ayurveda kutki is balancing Kapha and Pitta doshas, very useful for the liver’s health. It contains an enzyme named kutkin or picroliv in abundance which is responsible for cleansing the toxin and minimizing the bad germ of the liver.

In Ayurveda, Kutki is preferred to treat liver disorders.

Frequently Ask Question

Can you live without a liver?

No.  You can live with just a part of a liver but you cannot live without a liver.

What problems occur without a liver?

Without a liver lots of problem Occurs like Blood doesn’t clot properly,
Do not filter toxins from the blood. that result in toxins, chemicals, and digestive by-products spreading in the blood, Hormones and immune responses do not regulate, Vitamins and minerals don’t store, Death occurs within a few days without a liver.

What are the five major functions of a liver?

The five major functions of the liver are Filtration, Digestion, Detoxification and metabolizing, protein Synthesis, Store Vitamins and Minerals.

7 signs your liver is dying?

7 Signs and symptoms that show your liver is dying or you are suffering from acute liver failure may include: Yellowing of your skin and eyeballs (jaundice), Pain in your upper right abdomen, A swollen belly (ascites), Nausea, Vomiting, A general sense of feeling unwell (malaise),Disorientation or confusion, Sleepiness.

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