7 Excellent Ways To Improve Your mind and Concentration.

In today’s Robotic world where everyone is dependent on machinery to do every task somewhere, your concentration or mind power is not up to mark and you have problems remembering things and performing your daily task like studying, learning and working, etc. 

Basically, concentration is the conscious mind effort you direct towards whatever you doing or studying at the moment. there are so many factors that affect your concentration or your mind power such as aging, brain injury, stress, and lack of sleep. Here we discuss the 12 ways to improve your concentration.

    Ways To Improve Concentration

    7 ways to improve concentration are as follows:

    1. Do mind Exercise

    To train your mind you have to engage your mind in certain types of games that improve concentration and extend the mental capacity to think. You can try:
    • Puzzles
    • Sudoku
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Jigsaw puzzles
    • Chess
    • Word search
    • Scrambles
    • Memory games

    According to Irish Research, Regular playing of games like sudoku and crossword makes your mind work fast like a 14-year-old younger. The secret behind this is that such kind of games makes your mind sharp. American Alzheimer Association is also announced that playing sudoku will reduce Alzheimer’s chances

    2. Try Meditation to Improve Concentration

    You can also try meditation to improve your concentration. Sit in the lotus pose or  in the Sukh asana and close your eyes and
    • Focus on your breathing, or 
    • Chant the mantra, or
    • Chant the om sound, or
    • Do bhramri

    All these meditation ways help you to increase and improve your concentration and mind power.

    According to the 2011  reviewed studies discovered the evidence to suggest that mindfulness meditation training which is more concerned about focus attention could increase focus and attention. Mindfulness also improves brain memory and other cognitive ability.

    3. Reading Books

    Reading Books is always the best exercise for improving concentration or mind power as reading books boosts your visualization and imagination. When you read your brain starts working, it starts visualization the stories that you read as the narrator narrates about the people, places, emotions, and smells you start to imagine everything in your imagination. Reading brings your brain into action and improves your memory.

    4. Do Physical Exercise

    Doing exercise regularly is one of the best and effective ways to improve concentration, memory, motivation, and mood. Physical Exercise increases blood circulation in the body and brain, exercise also increases the brain’s serotonin, dopamine, nor-epinephrine levels all of them are responsible for affect focus and attention.

    5. Listen to Music

    Listen to music when you working or studying, helps to increase your concentration. you can listen to nature’s sound music, white noise sound music as background sound also improve concentration.
    According to Research done on music effects on the mind, it is found that classical music has a good impact on the brain and it boosts mind efficiency helps in concentration.
    In another study done on plants, in which two plants were kept in the room with the same temperature but with different music, it is found that the plant with classical music had grown fast on the other hand the plant with rock music started wither.

    6. Quality Sleep

    For a good concentration or mind power, you need a quality sleep of at least 6 hours. The brain can work effectively and efficiently when its sleep Quota is full. In today’s life, big distractions are your mobile you indulge in social media, web series, and some other platforms very deeply and it postpones your sleep. To take a sound sleep you need to follow some rules;
    • You just keep away your mobile from your bed.
    • You can read some motivational books before sleep, or
    • You can pray before sleep.
    • you also try meditation before going to bed.

    All these above rules give you a sound sleep and make you more active and concentrated in the morning.

    7. Feel the Nature 

    If you want to increase your concentration you need to get out of your houses and spend some time in nature at least 10 to 15 minutes daily. take a walk short walk or just sit in the garden or park and feel nature by feeling the air, fresh smell of flowers, etc.
    According to a 2014 Study it is found that including plants in the workspace boost concentration and productivity. So try to include some indoor plants in your workspace it provides oxygen and a positive atmosphere.
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