New Research Advocates Lower BMI Threshold for Adults Over 40 

By Nitin Singh

Research suggests lowering the obesity threshold from 30 kg/m² to 27 kg/m² for adults aged 40-80. 

New BMI Threshold for Over-40s 

Studies show increased body fat in older adults justifies a lower BMI cut-off point for obesity. 

Body Fat Percentage Importance 

Aging brings higher body fat and lower lean mass, challenging the universal BMI standard. 

Age-Related Changes 

Researchers analyzed 4,800 adults using DXA scans to measure body fat and recalibrate BMI standards. 

Research Methodology 

Many older adults with healthy BMI were found to be obese based on body fat percentage. 

Current BMI Limitations 

A BMI of around 27 kg/m² showed high sensitivity and specificity for detecting obesity in older adults. 

New BMI Accuracy 

Using the new BMI threshold helps identify more individuals at risk for obesity-related diseases. 

Health Risk Implications 

Approximately 71% of men and 64% of women over 40 were obese by body fat percentage, not BMI. 

Study Findings

Experts urge the adoption of a lower BMI cut-off for older adults to improve health outcomes and disease prevention. 

Call for Change 

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