Eating More Fruit Reduces Depression Risk, Study Find

By Nitin Singh

Eating more fruit may reduce your risk of depression, new research finds. 

Fruit Intake and Depression 

The study examined fruit and vegetable intake in adults aged 45 and older across six continents. 

Study Focus 

Depression affects about 280 million people worldwide, with higher rates in low-income countries. 

Global Impact 

Higher fruit consumption was linked to a lower risk of depression over a nine-year period. 

Research Findings 

The study found a significant benefit from fruit intake but not from vegetables.

Fruit vs. Vegetables 

Raw fruit retains more nutrients, potentially explaining the stronger link to reduced depression risk. 

Nutrient Impact 

Researchers used food frequency questionnaires and validated measures to assess depressive symptoms. 

Study Method 

High levels of antioxidants, fiber, and vitamins in fruit may reduce depression through various mechanisms. 


More studies on different fruit and vegetable types and their effects on depression are needed. 

Future Research 

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